How often should you use Frownies Facial Patches - The Original Wrinkle Patch?

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Women repeatedly ask us, "How often should you use Frownies Facial Patches?" Our answer always comes in the form of a question back to them. How deep are your wrinkles?

Frownies Facial Patches 30-Day Challenge

For best results when trying Frownies Facial Patches for the first time, consistency is key. 

If you are a new customer and new to Frownies Facial Patches, we recommend wearing the wrinkle patches for 30 nights in a row. 

This is because Frownies Facial Patches are different than other wrinkle patches on the market today. Frownies Facial Patches work to retrain the facial muscles to lay flat and not create expression lines. 

Just like it takes consistent workouts in the gym to build muscle, it takes consistent use of Frownies Facial Patches to retrain facial muscles to relax and create a smooth appearance.

After a night of wearing Frownies Facial Patches, you will wake up to softened and smooth forehead wrinkles. However, throughout the day, as you make your typical facial expressions, the muscles of the face will take on their typical shape. 

Early in your Frownies journey, you may notice wrinkles of the forehead, fine lines, and expression lines reappearing by the end of the day. 

This is why it is recommended to wear Frownies Facial Patches to bed every night for 30 nights in a row until your facial muscles are properly trained to lay flat throughout the day. 

Frownies Facial Patches Maintenance 

How often should you use Frownies Facial Patches after the initial 30-Day Challenge? Again, every person is different, so there is no definitive answer on how often you should use the wrinkle patches.

The best answer to how often to wear Frownies Facial Patches is fully dependent on how quickly your unwanted wrinkles return. 

Our general rule is whenever you see unwanted lines returning, wear one of our facial patches that evening to bed or for at least three hours during the day.

Some factors may affect how quickly fine lines or wrinkles reappear on your face. Of course, age and genetics play a role in being able to maintain smooth skin all day long. 

Even some people with very expressive faces or strong facial muscles may require wearing Frownies Facial Patches more often to maintain smooth forehead wrinkles. 

Even spending time in the sun, being dehydrated, or lack of sleep all may affect the appearance of the skin on the face. 

The beauty of using Frownies Facial Patches to address forehead wrinkles is that it's completely customizable to your lifestyle and your face. 
If the wrinkles appear back at the end of the day, wear the Frownies patches again that night until the muscle memory is released and the skin is smooth all day long. 

We have customers who use Frownies every single night of the month. We also have customers who use our patches every other week or so.
Fine lines can be addressed by wearing Frownies Facial Patches for as little as three consecutive nights.
The recommended frequency is entirely contingent upon the severity and return time of your wrinkles. Simply put, use Frownies® as frequently as you feel you need to. You know your body best!

For Best Results with Frownies Facial Patches

Be sure you know how to use Frownies Facial Patches correctly.

For best results, Frownies wrinkle patch must cover the entire muscle, not just the wrinkle or expression line, but the muscle. The deeper the crease (wrinkle) the larger the patch needs to be.

The Frownies Facial Patch needs to immobilise the entire facial muscle. While you cannot make the Frownies patch too large, you will not achieve the best results if you make it too small.

Frownies Facial Patches may cause a crease in the skin at the edge of the patch if the patch is too small. This is easily corrected by overlapping the patches to make a larger patch that is tailored to your facial muscles and size of your face.

Frownies Facial Patches vs. Botox for Forehead Wrinkles

Contrary to popular belief, Frownies Facial Patches and Botox® work well together! Many of our customers also use Frownies® patches along with Botox®.

Frownies Facial Patches and Botox work in similar ways. Both Frownies Facial Patches and Botox relax facial muscles to allow the overlying skin to lay flat and smooth wrinkles.

While Botox uses an injection of neurotoxin to temporarily paralyze the muscle, Frownies Facial Patches create a cast to hold the facial muscles flat and retrain facial movements and facial expressions.

Many Botox® users will apply Frownies® in between treatments in order to extend their Botox results and retrain their facial movements. 

Dr. Jennifer Owens, MSc in Aesthetic Medicine and Botox injector, advises to wait at least 48 to 72 hours following the Botox treatment before applying Frownies Facial Patches over the injection site. Check with your injector for best practices.

Frownies Facial Patches work as long as you keep using them. If you stop completely, your facial expression will allow the wrinkles to return.

The sooner you start wearing Frownies Facial Patches the better your results. Don't wait until the lines are too deep. Prevention is always best!

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