Crows Feet-Smile Lines +FREE Face Wash

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Best Wrinkle Treatment for Smile Lines and Crow's Feet


Facial Patches Corners of Eyes and Mouth and Rosewater Spray plus Frownies Moisturiser Face and Neck will address the needs of the skin and the underlying muscles where the wrinkle is created. 

With this combination package we give you a FREE full size Face Wash enter code FREEWASH at checkout

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After one three hour application you will notice a difference in you corners of eyes wrinkles. By evening the lines may be visible again, depending on the depth of the lines. Consistent use brings smoother skin. The longer you wait the deeper the lines are getting and the longer it takes to smooth.

We recommend using Rose Water Spray to activate the patches and condition the skin. 

Women have found that moisturising morning and night prevents dry damaged looking skin. Frownies Moisturiser Face and Neck is the best moisturiser under the facial patch. It  absorbs well and conditions the skin with lipids,peptides and aloe. 

Thoroughly wet the patches until they soften to remove them.

Only pure and natural ingredients go into every product!

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