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Frownies Skincare Basics

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Frownies Skincare Basics Bundle was designed to make your skincare routine simple and effective!

We know there are so many products and skin care treatments on the market that it can get confusing and overwhelming knowing where to start!

Whether you are a skincare guru or a beginner this routine will cover all of your needs and help you discover just how soft and healthy your skin was meant to be!

Step 1: Cleanse your skin with Frownies PH Balancing Face Wash. (If you wear a lot of makeup we recommend double cleansing to be sure you're washing your face thoroughly and completely).

Step 2: Apply a pea sized amount of Frownies Apple Serum. Concentrating on the area around the eyes and mouth and anywhere else you tend to see fine lines.

Step 3: Spray your face with Frownies Rose Water Hydrator. Our Rose Water contains hyaluronic acid and organic rose hydrosol to help lock moisture into the skin.

Step 4: While the Rose Water Hydrator is still damp apply a small amount of Frownies Moisturizer for the Face and Neck.

(Morning) Step 5: Apply one pump of the Frownies Skin Serum to the full face and neck.

(Evening) Step 5: If you will be applying your Frownies Facial Patches allow your skincare to absorb and then apply the Frownie Patches. If you are not applying the Frownie Pathces then go ahead and apply the Frownies Skin Serum.

Our Skin Serum is a facial oil that takes longer to absorb and the Frownies Facial Patches don't stick well over top of it....therefore we recommend it in the morning and on nights you aren't wearing your Frownie Patches.