8 Reasons you should be using a face serum with vitamin C

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Are you looking to maximise your skincare routine? You may have the basics down including cleansing and moisturizing, but what’s next?

A skin serum is the next logical addition to any basic skincare routine. With so many face serums on the market today, it may be difficult to know which one is best for your skin type. 

A skin serum or face serum is meant to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin to provide benefits to the skin’s tone and texture from within. Therefore, face serums tend to be lighter in consistency and target a specific skincare concern; whereas moisturisers are thicker and creamier consistency to provide hydration and lock in moisture at the skin’s surface.  

If you have a variety of skincare concerns or you are just looking for one hardworking product – a face serum with vitamin C is a good place to start. A face serum with vitamin C is appropriate for just about every skin type. 

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Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for almost every system in your body. Vitamin C is needed to build bones, cartilage, muscles, and blood vessels. Vitamin C is one of many antioxidants that protects your body from free radical damage which may lead to cancer and heart disease. Vitamin C also plays a role in the body’s healing processes.  

Surprisingly, your body does not make vitamin C on its own. Therefore all the vitamin C your body needs to come from the foods you eat – or the products you apply to your skin! 

Vitamin C is found in many fruits and vegetables. Of course we think of citrus fruits containing the most vitamin C, but vitamin C is also found in strawberries, melons, and kiwi. Many vegetables contain high levels of vitamin C as well – bell peppers, tomatoes, even broccoli and brussel sprouts! 

Because vitamin C is found in many foods, it is relatively easy to get the necessary levels of vitamin C through diet. But the benefits of vitamin C serum is that the essential nutrient  is delivered right to the skin where you want to see immediate results. 

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There are many benefits of vitamin C serum. 

Benefits of Vitamin C Serum:

1. Evens skintone

A study from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), showed that vitamin C inhibited melanin production in the skin. Melanin is responsible for the skin’s pigment. In addition to your natural complexion, increased melanin production will result in a tan with sun exposure. 

2. Reduces dark spots

Dark spots, sometimes called age spots or melasma, are areas of higher concentrations of pigment melanin. Vitamin C can limit the production of melanin in these areas to help fade the appearance of dark spots over time.

3. Decreases redness

Vitamin C is known to be a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Because of its anti-inflammatory mechanisms, vitamin C soothes irritated skin and decreases redness and puffiness. 

4. Brightens complexion

By reducing dark spots and redness and creating a more even skintone, a face serum with vitamin c creates an overall brighter complexion of the skin on the face.  

5. Protects from sun damage

Vitamin C is a known antioxidant and acts to protect the skin from free radicals including the ones from the sun’s UV radiation. By protecting the skin from sun damage, vitamin c may help slow photoaging of the skin on the face.

6. Hydrates skin

Face serums with vitamin C have shown to have hydrating properties for the skin. Research has shown topical application of vitamin C decreases trans-epidermal water loss (TDWL) allowing the skin to retain moisture and to appear more plump and hydrated.

7. Stimulates collagen production

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient in collagen production. Collagen in the skin provides the smooth, supple texture. Unfortunately, collagen production tends to slow as we age. The benefits of vitamin C serum is that the collagen-building vitamin is applied directly to the targeted area. 

8. Minimises fine lines and wrinkles

By building collagen and locking in moisture, one of the most sought-after benefits of vitamin c serum is decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
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How to use a face serum with vitamin C?

You have committed to a face serum due to all the skincare benefits of vitamin c serum mentioned above. Congratulations!

But now the question is – How to use a face serum with vitamin C?

Here we will outline a simple skincare routine to incorporate a face serum with vitamin C:

1. Cleanse

Start by washing your face. A pH balanced face wash or facial cleanser will remove dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells. We love Frownies pH Balancing Face Wash because it is healthy and safe for all skin types from dry to oily!

2. Toner

Toners provide instant liquid hydration to the skin after cleansing. Toners can also help to even out the skintone and maintain a healthy acid mantle. Frownies Rose Water Hydrator balances oily skin and hydrates dry patches. Frownies Rose Water Hydrator has the added benefit of hyaluronic acid. 

3. Face serum with vitamin C

By now you know the benefits of vitamin c serum! Frownies Skin Serum is packed with the best face oils including daikon radish seed oil and sea buckthorn oil. You can more read about the 10 best non comedogenic face oils in Frownies Skin Serum. 

4. Moisturiser

A moisturizer will provide hydration at the surface of the skin and strengthen the skin’s outermost barrier to prevent water-loss leaving plump, dewey skin all day long. Frownies Moisturiser is a unique gel moisturiser with the benefits of aloe including humectants to lock in moisture to the skin to prevent drying.

5. Sunscreen

Dermatologists agree that everyone should be using an SPF daily. In addition to your face, make sure to apply sunscreen to your neck, chest, ears, and tops of your hands. And remember to reapply every two hours of sun exposure. 

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