Bundle - Deep Wrinkles Forehead

Bundle - Deep Wrinkles Forehead

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Combo Pack | Frownies for Forehead Expression Lines/Wrinkles 

If your concern is vertical wrinkles between the eyes or horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, this is the best package deal for your money. Facial Patches Forehead and Between Eyes and Rosewater Spray plus Frownies Moisturiser Face and Neck will address the needs of the skin and the underlying muscles where the wrinkle is created.


1. Apply Moisturiser Face and Neck on clean skin massaging the creases in the muscle.
2. Separate and Smooth the creases in the muscle
3. Moisten the Facial Patches with Rose Water Hydrator Spray
4. Apply patch(es) over the smoothed line(s)
5. Leave on for at least 3 hours, preferably over night
6. Remove patch(es) by wetting to release the adhesive from your skin
7. Treat skin with Moisturizer Face and Neck after removing patch 

How To Address Wrinkles You Already Have

Commitment and consistent use of Frownies Facial Patches will help you smooth out wrinkles and reduce the aged look wrinkles give your face.

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