Frownies Quick Essentials

Frownies Quick Essentials

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Frownies Facial Patches

With this bundle you receive both styles of patches allowing you to create a tailored cast that meets your specific needs.

Facial Patches for the Forehead and Between the Eyes, and the Corners of the Eyes and Mouth are designed to soften wrinkles and fine lines and act as a splint or cast, limiting facial muscle movement.  

If your expression lines are faint you may see results quickly, but we recommend everyone start by wearing Frownies Facial Patches for 30 consecutive days (wear them at night while you sleep). Consistent use is necessary in order to retrain the facial muscles.

Elevating Your Frownies Facial Patches

Use our organic Rose water spray alongside your wrinkle patches to enhance their effectiveness and lifetime. The hydrating rose hydrosol activates our facial patches, making them adhere better to the skin and improving their wrinkle-reducing effects. Additionally, our Rose Water Spray extends the life of our under-eye gels and other gel-based products by keeping them hydrated. 

What are Cactus Collagen Under Eye Gels?

Discover Frownies Cactus Collagen Under Eye Gels, your go-to solution for rejuvenating the delicate skin around your eyes. These gels work wonders in reducing puffiness, brightening dark circles, and smoothing fine lines. Approved by Board-Certified Dermatologists and easy to use, these under-eye masks contain powerful ingredients to combat signs of aging. Simply apply to clean skin, relax, and enjoy the benefits. Keep them fresh and even more refreshing by storing them in the fridge and spritzing them with our Rose Water between uses.

How does Frownies Face Wash benefit you?

A healthy acid mantle plays a crucial role in preserving skin health and appearance by retaining moisture, protecting against external threats, maintaining the right pH balance, and promoting a radiant complexion.

Frownies Face Wash aids in establishing and maintaining the proper pH to the acid mantle

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