Frownies Soft Forehead Wrinkles Serum Patch

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Fine Lines on the Forehead

If you are only seeing fine lines and you would like to give your skin a boost, this is the patch for you. It's reusable too! Save the backing and after wearing the Forehead Serum Patch, reapply the backing to the patch for reuse. 

Start using as soon as you see faint lines starting appear in the skin when you are resting your facial muscles. The softer material acts as a carrier for the aloe and macadamia nut serum and penetrates the skin under the patch to plump, hydrate, and smooth wrinkles under the patch. These softer patches won't correct the deep expression lines. If your fine lines have become more pronounced, the best product for deep expression lines is our Facial Patches for the Forehead and Between the Eyes.


  1. Peel the cotton serum patch off the stiff paper.
  2. Massage the skin gently, then apply the patch over the forehand. You can trim the patch to fit your face if needed.
  3. Leave the patch on for 15-30 minutes to soften fine lines. However, feel free to wear it longer or even overnight if desired. You may reuse the patch as long as it sticks. 

The Serum Patch hydrates, tones, and soothes with the benefits of nature! See our all natural ingredients below.


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