Frownies Facial Patches are HRIPT tested: tested by a dermatologist, to be hypoallergenic, non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin. We have tested a variety of materials for our patches and paper is the safest and healthiest for the skin. Because silicone and latex are common allergens, Frownies patches and products are Latex and silicone free.
If you have concerns about the adhesive reacting with your skin or your skin​care, test the product or the products together on your forearm or wrist.

The adhesive sticks to the skin and does not absorb into the skin just like a Band-Aid or skin glue. The adhesive is water activated so it will release without any irritation to the skin when properly wet to remove.

Q: Are the Frownies Original Facial Patches paper?
A: Yes. Paper allows the skin to breath; it does not suffocate skin cells as some plastics will.

Q: Do Frownies Facial Patches really work?
A: We have been in the facial patches business since 1889 - over 130 years with guaranteed results. The Original Facial Patches have been mimicked by other brands but never duplicated in quality or effectiveness.

Q: Will Frownies get rid of my crows feet?
A: Frownies Facial Patches can only smooth static lines. When you are smiling this lifts the cheeks and you see creases around the corners of the eyes. Frownies don't stop you from smiling so you will always be able to smile and create those "dynamic lines." However, the dynamic lines eventually imprint into the skin and form static lines: lines that you see even when your face is relaxed. These are the lines that the Frownies Facial Patches can target.

Q: Will Frownies Patches smooth my marionette lines?
A: Frownies Patches will not lift or tighten the skin. If you would like to send us a picture of the lines around your mouth before you make a purchase we are happy to give you our thoughts on what results you can realistically expect.

Q: Do I have to use Frownies Facial Patches every night?
A: We recommend using Frownies Facial Patches every night for 30 nights to begin seeing longer lasting results. After you have achieved the results you're looking for you can wear your Frownies less often. We recommend a minimum of three to four days a week in order to maintain proper facial posture. Fine lines may be smoothed in less than 30 nights and your application can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Q: Sometimes the Frownies leaves an imprint on my skin around the edges, what am I doing wrong?
A: We recommend covering the full forehead from eyebrows to hairline, and hairline to hairline side to side, overlapping the patches to minimize imprints around each patch. When you apply the patches be careful not to pull or over stretch the skin. After removing your patches apply Frownies Moisturizer or Skin Serum and the imprint will quickly fade.

Q: The Frownies are a little too large is it okay to cut it to a smaller size?
A: Yes. Trim the edges down to a size that is comfortable for you.

Q: Does the shiny backing peel off?
A: No. The shiny backing is a natural, dry, adhesive that is water activated. Simply moisten the shiny side with Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray.

Q: I am having trouble making the patch stick what am I doing wrong?
A: Make sure you are applying the patch to freshly washed skin and all your skin care is fully absorbed. Frownies won't stick well on top of a thick, heavy night cream or face oil. The patch could also be a little too wet or not wet enough. If using the Rose Water Hydrator Spray, one or two pumps is sufficient. Spreading the liquid around with your finger is also helpful. Letting the wet patch sit for 15 seconds before applying it will help the adhesive get tacky before you place it on the skin.

Q: Can I use my night creams with Frownies?
A: Frownies Moisturizer is a perfect compliment to the patches because it absorbs quickly. If trying the patches with other creams or moisturizers make sure you allow at least 15 minutes absorption time before applying the patch.

Q: Can I use Frownies Facial Patches with "Retinol," "Tretinoin," and/or "Retin A" creams?
A: Frownies Facial Patches may be used with these products with caution. Retinol and Retin A creams have the potential to cause skin sensitivity and irritation. Do not use Frownies Facial Patches if your skin is already irritated or peeling. Consult your medical dermatologist for this question. Because less of the product will evaporate off the skin there is a possibility that the potency may be stronger when wearing Frownies.

Q: Will the ingredients in Frownies Facial Patches react with my other products?
A: Frownies Facial Patches do not contain "active" ingredients. However, if you suspect an issue we suggest testing the patch with the products in question on you forearm.

Q: What are the active ingredients in Frownies Facial Patches?
A: There are no active ingredients. The results are due to a muscular response to the Facial Patches. Working like a splint or a cast, Frownies holds the muscle in place, retraining the muscles to relax into their original smooth position.

Q: Do Frownies Facial Patches have to be used with the Rose Water Hydrator and Frownies Moisturizer for the Face and Neck in order to get results?
A: The overall results will be better when used with the recommended products; however you will still get great results using the Frownies Facial Patches by themselves.

Q: Can the Frownies Facial Patches be used on the neck?
A: Frownies Facial Patches are not designed for the neck area. We recommend using our Frownies Skin Serum with Vitamin E and Ceramides on the neck as well as our Frownies CHIN-UP Polypeptide Neck Mask or Frownies Moisturizer for Face and Neck Gel Cream.

Q: Can Frownies Facial Patches be used under my eyes?
A: NO! Frownies Facial Patches are not designed for the under eye area. We recommend using our Frownies Under Eye Gels, Frownies Apple Stem Cell Serum, and Frownies Eye Cream for the area under the eyes since it is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on the rest of the face.

Q: Are these products gluten free/vegan?
A: All Frownies products are vegan and made without gluten. However we have not gone through the process of being certified Gluten Free. Frownies products are made with natural plant based ingredients!

Q: What is the shelf life of the Frownies Facial Patches?
A: The Frownies Facial Patches will keep indefinitely as long as they are kept dry.

Q: Can I damage my skin from wearing Frownies Facial Patches too often?
A: Frownies Facial Patches are tested for safety and very gentle on the skin. Many customers have worn Frownies for decades without any negative effects. However, everyone's skin is different. You can tailor your use of Frownies to whatever works for your skin. It's possible that you may experience a temporary adjustment period if you have sensitive skin. Go slowly and give your skin time to get used to your new routine.

Q: What if the edges are peeling up?
A: There is no need to be concerned with the edges peeling up as long as the rest of the patch is secure on the skin. Go back and watch our application video for helpful tips and tricks!

Q: Can Frownies be used to tighten a saggy jaw line?
A: Frownies Facial Patches are not capable of tightening sagging skin or lifting sagging skin. Frownies are effective for relaxing facial tension and smoothing the facial muscles.

Q: Will you make a larger patch for the forehead so I don't have to piece them together?
A: Because the patches are made of paper a larger patch wouldn't contour to the roundness of the forehead. Using the smaller triangles to overlap and cover your forehead allows you to customize the Frownies to the size and shape of your Face. You will get better results using smaller patches rather than attempting to apply a larger strip of patches.
Our Forehead Serum Patch fits the entire forehead and is a nice compliment to the Frownies Original Facial Patches. It's great to wear after removing your Frownies in the morning.

Gentle Lifts are a small self sticking soft cotton lined patch. Similar to a cotton lined band-aid.Gentle Lifts contain no Latex or silicone. The Gentle Lifts have a stiff center, acting as a mini splint for the smaller areas where they are applied.
There are no active ingredient in the Gentle Lifts; they work according to the same mechanical process as the Original Frownies Facial Patches.

Just like the Frownies paper patches, Gentle Lifts are breathable because of the cotton lining and soft edges.
Q: Do Gentle Lifts work like the Original Facial Patches?
A: Frownies Gentle Lifts offer a more subtle smoothing effect and are designed for smaller areas of the face that the Frownies Original Facial Patches don't fit. Remember that Gentle Lifts don't tighten loose skin or lift sagging skin, they simply smooth and soften subtle fine lines.

Q: How long should I wear Gentle Lifts?
A: Gentle Lifts are worn overnight or any time you have at least 3 hours to leave them on.

Q: Where can I place the Gentle Lifts?
A: Gentle lifts were created for smaller areas of the face such as above and below the lips where Frownies Patches are too large to fit properly.
However, they can also be used in between the eyebrows as a small spot treatment as well.

Q: Is there Latex or silicone in Frownies Gentle Lifts?
A: No. Frownies are Latex and silicone free.


Q: Are Frownies Eye Gels Reusable?
A: Yes, you can expect 3-5 uses if worn 15-30 minutes per treatment. Use Frownies Rose Water Hydrator to keep the patch moist between uses and store the eye gels in the fridge.

Q: Why are the Under Eye Gels sliding down my face, am I doing something wrong?
A: Frownies Under Eye Gels are not adhesive. They are meant to be worn laying down. The Under Eye Gels come soaking in a liquid serum to keep them moist. The first time you use a set of our Eye Gels you can rub the eye gel around your face and neck to get some of the serum off, or you can gently pat them with a clean dry paper towel to blot off some of the serum. Each time you reuse the gels they will get a little stickier and slide down much less. Ultimately the serum on the gels is highly beneficial to the skin so we recommend just rubbing it all over your face, neck, and chest!

Q: How long do I leave Frownies Eye Gels on?
A: 15-30 minutes each treatment.

Q: Can I leave Frownies Eye Gels on over night?
A: No, they are a 30 minute treatment. They will dry out and create creases if left on too long.

Q: Can I use Frownies Under Eye Gels on my eye lid?
A: You can use our Eye Gels on your eye lids. Simply lay down and close your eyes to place them on your eye lids.

Q: What is the difference between an eye cream and the Frownies Under Eye Gels?
A: Frownies Under Eye Gels are a transdermal delivery system. Meaning they help the ingredients penetrate more deeply into the skin for maximum benefit. If you choose to use an eye cream that's a great option to apply after using the under eye gels for extra moisture.


Q: How should I use Frownies Rose Water Hydrator Spray?
A: There are several ways to benefit from it! Check out the Details and Directions tabs on this product page to learn more about its many uses.

Q: Is it beneficial to use Frownies Rose Water Hydrator alone on my skin?
A: Yes! While a full skincare routine will best support the health and nourishment of your skin, the ingredients in the Rose Water Hydrator Spray work well on their own to hydrate and smooth the skin.

Q: Do I have to use Rose Water Hydrator Spray with Frownies Facial Patches?
A: No, the Facial Patches work on a mechanical process and their adhesive can be activated with regular water. However, customers have reported better results when pairing the Facial Patches with the Rose Water Hydrator Spray since it adds in an effective anti-wrinkle treatment for the skin underneath the patch as those work to train your muscles.


Q: When should I use the Frownies Face and Neck Moisturizer?
A: Frownies Face and Neck Moisturiser should be used a minimum of twice daily, morning and night. Additionally you can reapply throughout the day as needed.

Q: Are Frownies products safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
A: Yes! All of Frownies products are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Q: Can I use Frownies Face and Neck Moisturiser underneath Frownies Facial Patches?
A: Yes! Frownies Face and Neck Moisturiser is a great option when using Frownies Facial Patches.
Our Moisturiser is a gel cream and absorbs quickly into the skin. Once it has absorbed you can apply your Frownie Patches!


Q: Can I remove my makeup with Frownies Face Wash?
A: Yes! If you use any heavy makeup, you may need to double cleanse to ensure all residue is removed - wash, rinse, repeat!

Q: Should I wash my face more than once a day?
A: Frownies pH Balancing Face Wash is very gentle and can be used more than once a day. We recommend cleansing at least every morning and night! However, if you're involved in any activity that may cause extra build-up on your skin, like being out in a city where the air is more polluted or just doing a mid-day workout at home, you may want to give your skin an extra cleanse.

Q: Is Frownies face wash effective for all skin types?
A: Yes! Frownies pH Balancing Face Wash is great for all skin type because of its pH balancing effects. If the pH level of your skin is off, it can present as a number of unwanted symptoms like acne, dryness or hyperpigmentation. Frownies Face Wash will provide a great foundation for all other skin care products in your routine to more successfully do their jobs!

Q: What is unique about Frownies Vitamin C & E Skin Serum?
A: Frownies Skin Serum is rich in antioxidants, peptides, and beneficial lipids to soften and smooth the appearance of your skin. The Skin Serum is high in ceramides and lipids that are naturally found in the skin membrane to support the structure of the skin and improve the skin's appearance.

Q: Is Frownies Vitamin C & E Skin Serum good for my sunburn?
A: Yes, any inflammation will respond to the beneficial ingredients in Frownies Skin Serum.

Q: Can Frownies Vitamin C & E Skin Serum help with discoloration or hyperpigmentation?
A: Yes! Vitamin C naturally brightens complexion and can help even out complexion with consistent use.