A Beginner’s Guide to Confusingly Smooth Skin

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Is healthy, radiant skin part of your New Year’s goals but don’t know where to start? If you're new to the world of skincare, it can be overwhelming. And it’s frustrating when you don’t get the results that you wanted – or that you were promised!

There are so many products out there, and each one has its own unique ingredients and promised benefits. No wonder skincare is confusing!

If you've ever wondered what the basic components of a beginner's basic skincare routine should look like, read on!

“A good skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated,” says Amy, a Master Esthetician at Hand and Stone Spa in Richmond, Virginia. “A few hard-working products will get you started.” 

Check out the following step-by-step routines for morning and evening that utilize just a few key products. 


Morning Skincare Routine:


Cleansers are the first step in any skincare routine. Most of us know that we should be washing our faces at least daily. 

A basic cleanser will remove dirt, bacteria, makeup, and dead skin cells. Clean skin is the ideal surface to apply additional skincare products for maximum effectiveness.

Because the skin on our face is unique compared to the skin on the rest of our bodies, it’s best to avoid harsh astringents and synthetic fragrances which will only cause irritation. 

We always recommend Frownies pH Balancing Face Wash. The gentle pH-balancing properties make it perfect for any skin type, from oily to acne-prone. 


A toner restores the natural pH of your skin’s surface and creates a protective barrier that allows the good stuff – like serums and moisturizers – to pass through while keeping the bad stuff – like dirt and bacteria – out. 

“Opt for a spray-on toner to prevent physical irritation to your skin,” Amy says. “Simply allow the toner to air-dry onto your skin or you may choose to gently pat it in with your fingertips.” 

Frownies Rose Water Hydrator is contains organic rose hydrosol and organic aloe vera as well as hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E to provide deep and lasting hydration to the skin. 


Serums are highly concentrated ingredients that can penetrate deep into the skin to address specific skin concerns. Different serums can fight acne, maximize hydration, boost collagen, or target dark spots. 

Try Frownies Skin Serum with naturally occuring Vitamin C from sea buckthron oil to lighten dark spots and even skin tone, plus Vitamin E to lock in moisture and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


If you’ve been doing anything for your skin, you have probably used a face lotion. 

Any moisturizer will add hydration to the skin. And a great moisturizer will add a protective barrier to limit water loss and protect from environmental damage. 

Opt for Frownies Moisturiser Face & Neck with aloe and oat oil. Aloe soothes and heals skin. While the ceramides in oat oil smooth fine lines and plump the skin. 


Dermatologists recommend wearing an SPF every single day, specifically focusing on the face, ears, and hands–all the areas that are constantly exposed to the sun. An SPF protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB, reducing the risk for skin cancer and combating premature signs of aging.  

Want to get all the skincare products in this simple skincare routine? We've just released our Frownies Skincare Basics Set here.

With this morning skincare routine, you are ready to tackle the day with glowing skin, whether you choose to wear makeup or not.  

Evening skincare Routine:

Now that you have a basic morning routine established, you are ready to move onto your evening routine. Good news! Many of your AM products will do double-duty for you in the PM!  


Start with the same cleanser as your AM routine to remove makeup, excess oil, dirt, and environmental pollutants your skin may have been exposed to throughout the day. 

You may consider washing your face twice to make sure all the toxins from the day have been cleansed away.


Again, use your same toner in the evening to maintain a balanced pH of your skin. 

The added benefit of hyaluronic acid in Frownies Rose Water Hydrator is known to improve the skin’s hydration, firmness, and elasticity and decrease the appearance of wrinkles. 


Since you won’t be layering on SPF and make-up as part of your evening routine, you can opt for a heavier serum in the evening to target specific skincare concerns – such as dryness or dark spots. 

Some people may choose to use a prescription-strength retinol in this step. Just be aware, when beginning a retinol, many people experience redness, irritation, and peeling. 


Lock in hydration while you sleep with another layer of moisturizer. 

Frownies Facial Patches

Have you heard of our Original Facial Patches that are referred to as “Hollywood’s best kept secret?” 

Frownies Facial Patches for the Forehead & Between the Eyes contain no active ingredients; instead, they create a cast to train facial muscles and allow the overlying skin to lay flat, reducing the appearance of wrinkles - while you sleep! 

Pro Tip: You can apply most skincare products under our Frownies Facial Patches. But you may consider skipping any oil-based skincare products on the areas where you will be applying your Frownies Patches to allow the patches to adhere to the skin properly. 

Skincare FAQ

Starting a new skincare routine? Here are a few things you should know:

Q: How long will it take to see results when starting a new skincare routine?

A: It can take 40 to 60 days for the entire outer layer of skin – the epidermis – to turnover all new skin cells. What’s more, as we age, the rate of cell turnover naturally slows. That’s why it’s important to commit to sticking with any new skincare for at least 60 days in order to see the best results. 

Q: Help! I started a new skincare routine, and my skin looks WORSE!

A: It is common when introducing new skincare products into your routine that your skin will go through a time of “skin purging.” 

The good news – skin purging is a result of an increase in the overall rate of cell turnover. 

The bad news – as your skin purges, it pushes all the unwanted dead skin cells and excess sebum out to the skin’s surface all at once, which could make your skin temporarily look worse before it gets better. 

Again, that’s why it’s important to stick with your new skincare routine for at least 60 days (see FAQ #1). 


The great thing about skin care is that you don't need a complicated routine to take care of your skin. You can use a simple four-step approach: cleanse, tone, moisturise, and protect. This type of routine has stood the test of time and works well for most people.

A basic 4-step routine is easier to maintain than an elaborate one because it doesn't take much time or money and doesn't require buying many products (which can get expensive). It's also easier to remember what products need to be used when if there are only four steps instead of ten!

With all of these basic skincare products in your arsenal, you should be able to create a simple but effective routine that will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy. And don't forget that taking care of yourself is an essential part of looking good!

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