Frownies referred to as NATURAL BOTOX®

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I don’t want to look younger than I am, just good for my age. So I haven’t had Botox or any other tweakments or surgery. However, a great cheat is Frownies Facial Patches (£22.95 for 144, You stick the adhesive strip between your brows during the night. I do it four nights a week. It has evened out my terrible furrow line. Mail Online

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  • i agree , I tried these and am now on my third pack, i think i will always use them. Im 45 and noticed a frown line down my forehead in pictures . After using these i saw a difference straight away – i use them every night and people do comment on how nice my skin looks , would up load a picture but have to say healthier than botox with no side affects , what more could you ask for – i too do not want to look younger , just good for my age and these do the trick

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