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22 March 2024 - WHAT if you could improve the appearance of your wrinkles overnight - and there was not a single drop of Botox in sight?

Mail Online

24 March 2024 - Gwyneth Paltrow says , 'I remember my mother having these things called Frownies when I was little that she taped a triangle to her forehead, but actually she didn't have a lot of forehead wrinkles, so maybe they work,' she recalled


21 January 2024 - ‘My mom is wrinkle-free and looks decades younger than 70 thanks to a skincare sticker’


05 August 2023 - A SKINCARE whizz has revealed how she ditched Botox and still has wrinkle-free skin. Gin Amber, 37, shared the cover week which stops the ageing process without any needles


24 July 2023 - A 70-year-old woman shared how she maintains an extraordinarily youthful appearance with just one anti-ageing product. Some people think she must be in her late 30s. 


20 March 2023 - A WOMAN has shared how she has managed to turn back the hands of time by giving herself DIY botox – and saved tons of money in the process. 


27 Febuary 2023 - Do Frownies really work? The TikTok-approved facial patches aiming to reduce wrinkles.



25 October 2022 - SLEEPING BEAUTY. I’m 50-plus but look 10 years younger because of my wrinkle-free skin.


13 May 2022 - I’m 39 and look so good people always think I’ve had Botox, One woman has amassed nearly 200k followers on TikTok sharing her secret to looking younger without having to do anything invasive.



16 March 2022 - After just one use I was very impressed. Immediately I could see my 11s were a lot less visible and shallower. I was amazed. The lines were much softer than they had been the night before. It was as if I had turned back the clock. I looked refreshed and, dare I say it, younger...I was so impressed..


OK Magazine

7 March 2022 - Everyone's going wild for these overnight 'Botox' skin patches.skincare patches that yield ‘Botox-like’ results while you sleep



26 Febuary 2022 - It's like Botox, without the Botox. Everyone's going wild for these ‘overnight Botox’ skin patches, which apparently smooth skin and retrain facial muscles.


19 January 2021- Now’s the perfect time to get ready for your (eventual) close-up, what with no one being around to see you in your present blur. I am enacting an attack on my frown lines, Frownies stick-on (£22.95,, 

Mail Online

27 April 2020-  This is what 62 looks like. Another mother of five describes Frownies as Natural Botox. I have never had Botox. I use Frownies Facial Patches to smooth the wrinkles between my brows and on my forehead at night (£22.95, They do make a difference — the first time I wore them, my son asked me if I’d had Botox! I wear them four to five nights a week.

Eluxe Magazine

20 April 2020- We get wrinkles because of repeated movements of the muscles under the skin. Botox, of course, freezes the muscles, stopping this. But there’s a far more natural way to do this, too. Thing is, you need to use these at home.  Frownies are one of the best natural alternatives to Botox. These are little patches of inexpensive, natural Kraft paper that are ‘glued’ to the skin, temporarily ‘freezing’ the muscle movements that cause wrinkles, just as Botox does. And as with Botox, over time with regular use, if you stop those muscles from working so much, they will lose their strength – and their ability to wrinkle the skin. Tip: Tend to get temporary wrinkles when you sleep because the pillow forces your skin to scrunch up? Wearing Frownies at night assures you’ll wake up wrinkle free. Before bedtime, just stick a Frownie on the part of your face you want to be smooth, get a solid 8 hours, and voila! You’ll wake up looking great.

Mail Online

05 April 2020- Frownies described as NATURAL BOTOX This is what 50 looks like: Retired ballet dancer says natural Botox and DIY blow dries keeps her youthful. She maintains her ageless appearance using Frownies Facial Patches. I don’t want to look younger than I am, just good for my age. So I haven’t had Botox or any other tweakments or surgery. However, a great cheat is Frownies Facial Patches (£22.95 for 144, You stick the adhesive strip between your brows during the night. I do it four nights a week. It has evened out my terrible furrow line. 

Vogue Beauty

March 2020 - Products Rivalling Injectables For EffectivenessFrownies Facial Patches are small, sticky patches that adhere to the skin making it impossible for the muscles to move underneath. As a result, expression lines are unable to form and skin is given a chance to regain its strength and smoothness. 

Raquel Welch Piers Morgan Life Stories ITV 

Raquel shares the effective wrinkle reducing method of Frownies Facial Patches. She tells the world how Frownies Patches have helped her have wrinkle free beautiful skin.


Alan Titchmarsh with Nadine Baggott on ITV 

Discuss brow lift surgery against alternative non surgical procedures which include Frownies Facial Pads.