Gentle Lifts Lip Line Patches

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The Best Solution for Lip Lines

  • General facial expressions, smoking and drinking through a straw can lead to horizontal and vertical lines around the lips.

  • Gentle Lifts fit comfortably around the lip area or the corners of the mouth to smooth out lines.

  • The stiff mini patch with soft edges fits comfortably to reduce the appearance of lip lines.

  • The same technology used by the original Frownies Facial Patches is used with Gentle Lifts, the material of the patches is just different.

  • Gentle Lifts may be used on any area of the face to lift creases.

Wear for at least 3 hours, but recommended overnight.


How to apply Gentle Lifts

1. Peel the paper back from the patch.

2. Smooth out and separate the lines with your fingers.

3. Apply the patch over the smoothed lines.

4. Remove patches by slightly wetting to release the adhesive.

5. Treat area with Frownies Skin Serum after removing the patch. (Recommended, not required)

6. Stick patch on clean smooth surface and reuse until adhesive is no longer sticky.


Why Frownies Skin Serum?

Daily use of Skin Serum on the area after the removal of the patches is recommended because of its high vitamin E, C and other soothing ingredients.

If you are over 35 and not seeing signs of these lines you inherited good genes from your mother and you can keep the lines away with Gentle Lifts and Skin Serum.

The lips do not have oil producing glands so the lips dehydrate the area around the mouth leaving fine lines where lipstick runs and wrinkles develop.

Using Skin Serum with Oat Oil containing whole form Vitamin E on and around the lips is a great preventive step and Gentle Lifts will help smooth and flatten the lines if they have developed.

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The Original Facial Wrinkle smoothers treatment since 1889!

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