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Silky Soft Skin Serum

Frownies Skin Serum is a barrier serum, meaning it builds the natural skin barrier. Rich in antioxidants, peptides and beneficial lipids from hemp seed oil, oat oil and sea buckthorn oil to soften and smooth the appearance of your skin. (Previously Immune Shield)

Skin Serum is used any time inflammation threatens the skins integrity. The ingredients are the highest source of naturally occurring vitamin E and C. It is also high in ceramides acting identical to skin membrane to support the structure of the skin and improve skin appearance.

Skin Serum can also be useful for all skin types. Be sure to read our ingredient benefits list for detailed information on our new whole plant-based ingredients.

How to apply:

Face- Apply a few drops of Skin Serum on you finger tips and tap it into the skin then gently spread the rich nutrients around the entire face, lips, and neck areas.

Body- Apply the Skin Serum after taking a shower by placing a small amount in your hands and massaging it into the desired area. To apply over the entire body start with feet and legs and work you way up to the torso and arms. Use daily after you shower.

Stretch Marks and Scars

Skin Serum is helpful on stretch marks on the skin as well as scars. Clinical trials have proven vitamin E works great on newer stretch marks but even if they are have been on the skin for a while, it still works, it just takes a little longer. If you are pregnant it is safe to apply all natural Skin Serum to the abdominal and hip area as well as the breast. (If you have questions consult your pregnancy care provider).

Hemp Seed Oil, Grape seed Oil, Raphanus Sativus Seed Oil (Diakon Radish Oil), Macadamia Nut Oil, Avena Sativa Kernel Oil (Oat Oil), Olive Squalane, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Comfrey, Vegicide (Glyceryl Monocaprylate (and) Glyceryl Monoundecylenate), Sea Buckthorn Oil, Vitamin E MT-50 (Tocopherol Oil), Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower Oil).


The Original Facial Wrinkle smoothers treatment since 1889!

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