Bundle 4- Facial Patches

Bundle 4- Facial Patches

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Combo Pack | 4 of Frownies most popular Facial Patches all bundled together to give you the BEST price possible.

Forehead and Between Eyes Wrinkle Patch

Frownies Facial Patches Forehead and Between Eyes addresses the physical cause of facial wrinkles such as horizontal lines on the forehead and vertical lines between the eyes (sometimes called elevens). Facial Patches work at night to smooth and lift skin wrinkles and creases. Frownies were named the easiest wrinkle solution by Good Housekeeping Magazine. 

Corners of Eyes and Mouth Wrinkle Patch

This style of Facial Patches assist to soften and smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth (called smile lines) and corners of eyes (called crow's feet). Designed to provide lasting results with continued use. Safely used for decades, Frownies created the patch technology.

Gentle Lifts

Smoking, drinking through a straw, and general facial expressions can lead to horizontal and vertical lines around the lips. Gentle Lifts fit comfortably around the lip area or the corners of the mouth to smooth out lines. The stiff mini patch with soft edges fits comfortably to reduce the appearance of lip lines. The same technology used by the original Frownies Facial Patches is used with Gentle Lifts, the material of the patches is just different.

Eye Gels

100% of women testing Frownies Eye Gels saw an improvement in their under eye area with just one 30-minute treatment. Eye Gels are used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness under the eyes. Eye Gels reduce the signs of stress.

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